Introducing Mareann.

A short movie about me. Mareann. About my job as assessment psychologist, my drives and my passion.


"Acting isn't about being famous. It's about exploring the human soul", Annette Bening said.

This is what it is about! Just following my passion I studied Transpersonal Psychology, have a profound interest in Shamanism (Seidr) and am continously eager to learn more about acting, voice acting, training acting and modelling.

I followed acting classes at Hebbes Academy, voice acting at Voice Over College and acting in trainings also at Hebbes Academy.l

I am to be described as open minded, empathic, sensitive and I really like working under stress. And then rest, off course. Feet on the table, tea, book or Netflix.

I love to drive my motor cycle. Walking, classical ballet, to swing, wine and dine...
Playfulness. Being soulfully philosophical.Reading. Laughing and being silly.
Oh... and chocolate. ;-)

We're all in a big Play anyway.
Life is all about being YOU.